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Tynwald Day

Manx National Day celebrated on 5 July

Tynwald Day celebrations took place at St John’s which involved Manx music and dance, street theatre, butter-making demonstrations. Alongside this, Global Village were holding an international dimension to Tynwald Day in the public gardens. Many community groups came to represent their country and culture. Shilaoshi E-Mandarin participated to represent Chinese Culture, Language as well as to introduce the company to everyone. As shown in the pictures, many people were attracted to try painting, calligraphy and paper cutting during the day. Overall, it was a successful event with many interested to sign up for mandarin training. 

Shilaoshi in Teaching

Here, Shilaoshi is giving a lecture to a university’s staff and adult students in the community. In this Everyday Beginner course, she starts with “Who is that?”, so the students can use different personal pronoun in pattern drill.

Local Students Learning Local students learning Mandarin

Chinese character classes can be very interesting. It starts with radical and writing strokes in the right order, which makes Chinese character writing fun and easy to learn.

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